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Implementing Azure Search for Website Search

Enhancing Search Experience for Online Users and Boosting Website Conversion

Your website is your business’ digital front-door, whether your goal is to convert more shoppers with personalized search results or to help prospects find the right content they are looking for. For businesses with an online presence, especially e-commerce sites, good website search is key to digital strategy as it can directly impact online user retention and revenue. 

In recent years, cloud-based search solutions have emerged as businesses started to move to the cloud to take advantage of greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Azure Search leverages Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to bring robust search features to meet diverse business requirements, from basic search relevancy to sophisticated, personalized search results.

As a long-term Microsoft Gold Partner with 200 search and analytics experts, we bring deep expertise and proven technology assets to help you implement and enhance Azure Search on your website. Our range of Azure Search services includes:

  • Search application assessment – reviewing your current technology infrastructure and defining a roadmap for implementing Azure Search on your website.
  • Deployment, support, and managed services – whether you hire us to implement and support Azure Search or just need expert help in certain areas, we will work with you to help ensure a successful website search deployment.
  • Content processing and connectors – our technology assets include a content processing framework for data enrichment as well as connectors to help acquire content from multiple sources securely. 
  • Migration – from planning to deployment and support, we ensure a non-disruptive, risk-free transition from another search engine to Azure Search.
  • Search relevancy tuning – developing and tuning relevancy ranking algorithms to enhance the search experience for your website users. For instance, Azure Search’s Multiple Scoring Profiles feature allows for effective relevancy improvement. 
  • Machine learning, AI, and Natural Language Processing – leveraging Azure Cognitive Services to enable advanced search and personalization for website visitors.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you leverage Azure Search to improve your website’s search effectiveness and conversion rate.