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A Search Engine Independent Connector Framework

Realize the full benefits of Enterprise Search using the search engines you have today


Most large organizations use multiple search engines. Some are stand alone, for example providing general intranet search capabilities. Others are embedded in business applications or content management systems.

The notion of standardizing, company-wide, on a single search infrastructure has attractions for many people. However, practicalities, complexities and cost implications usually prevent this from happening, so important data sets continue to live in silos and can only be searched through native applications.

The use of an independent connector framework, capable of working with any search engine, provides a pragmatic alternative approach which enables companies to achieve the benefits of enterprise-wide standardization, but without the usual complexities and costs.

Search Technologies provides such a framework, it is called Aspire.



To maximize search effectiveness, a connector framework must provide more than just the basic connectivity plumbing. Aspire provides the following additional capabilities:

  • A rapid development environment with which connectors for any data source can be created and efficiently maintained
  • Support for all popular security and authentication systems, using an early binding approach to ACL gathering and including group expansion for nested permissions
  • Integrated document parsing and metadata extraction tools to normalize and enrich content
  • Data aggregation tools. "Virtual documents" can be constructed for search purposes, merging data from multiple sources
  • Content splitting tools, for example, to split large pdfs into chapters prior to indexing
  • Content filtering, to prevent unwanted or low-value content from being indexed, or to selectively index sensitive or extremely large data sets


Aspire is able to normalize and enrich data from all sources into standardized XML of a consistently high quality.

In addition, Aspire provides native (very high performance) connectivity to Microsoft FAST (all versions), the Google Search Appliance, and Solr / Lucene.

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