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An Indexing Pipeline for Solr

Solr is probably the most widely deployed search engine on the planet. Most of its applications involve relatively simple data sets, or are point solutions addressing narrow applications.

However, an increasing number of companies are considering Solr for more complex tasks, including enterprise search. In such environments Solr typically needs the support of other software including security-aware data connectorsquery parsers and a commercial-grade indexing pipeline.

For sophisticated search applications, the importance of content processing, prior to indexing, cannot be overstated. Most leading commercial search engines are delivered complete with a sophisticated indexing pipeline which handles a wide range of data preparation tasks including entity extraction, parsing and filtering and categorization. These processes clean content, improving search results, and provide additional metadata to drive important search functions such as faceted search, results sorting, and infographic results display.

Search Technologies Aspire Framework is used as an add-on indexing pipeline for Solr by a growing number of leading organizations including the BBC, Reed Elsivier and the United States government.

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