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The Information Access Layer

Software tools and expert services for an application-independent 
information access layer

Search Technologies helps organizations to implement an application-independent information access layer, using the Aspire content processing framework.

Aspire handles both structured and unstructured data, but was specifically designed for unstructured content which presents insurmountable challenges to systems that were originally designed for structured data.

Aspire uses a pure Java architecture comprising a framework plus pluggable components, and is a pipeline processing system based on the OSGi approach. It is built to provide:

  • Efficient and highly flexible initial implementation. Many systems can be built using existing components from Aspire's extensive library
  • Low ongoing cost of ownership, whilst at the same time maintaining optimum data quality. Aspire provides agility and transparency to efficiently cope with constantly evolving enterprise content

In addition, Aspire is multi-threaded, thread-safe, highly scalable and is supported by a growing library of ready-made content processing components and data connectors.