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Information Discovery Solutions

Meet Your Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery Requirements at a Lower Cost


  • Search Technologies builds information discovery solutions to order
  • This can be done using any leading commercial enterprise search product, or open source alternative
  • With more than 700 customers already implemented, we have the experience and expertise to implement highly effective information discovery solutions, even in the most complex environments
  • We also provide consulting and expert advice to customers planning to build their own information discovery systems



Information discovery is a search-centric discipline, but it is not only about the search engine. Often, the most difficult part of creating an effective information discovery solution is acquiring the source data from various repositories, cleansing, and preparing it for indexing. The quality of the index built is important to the effectiveness of information discovery.

In our experience, small a number of key factors dictate the effectiveness of information discovery systems. These are environment dependent, and hence the need for some customization.



We provide a full range of services to help you design, implement, maintain, and optimize your information discovery application.


Contact us for an informal discussion of how we can help you to meet your information discovery requirements.