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Innovative Use of Search Engines

At Search Technologies, we pride ourselves in bringing fresh ideas to our customers' projects. This means providing innovative solutions to current challenges, and new ways to use search engines and related technologies for business advantage.

This section showcases just a few of the innovations we've recently introduced, working with our customers. These examples are chosen as they have broad applicability.

A Document Preparation Methodology for Search
Almost all modern search engine features rely on data structure.  We've developed a reliable, repeatable and search engine independent process for creating good structure to drive features such as search navigators and customized relevance ranking.

Data Model Design (DMD)
A structured approach to capture and document how unstructured information is transformed and enhanced to support a search application.  DMD provides transparency and maintainability which are essential attributes for all large search projects, prone as they are to complexity-creep.

Statistical Relevancy Evaluation
Relevancy judgement is highly subjective, so it is hard know if progress is being made.  We've developed a new approach to quantifying and monitoring relevancy performance over time.

Enterprise Content Integration as a Service
The profile of ECI is growing in many large organizations.  Until now, most ECI projects have focused on structured information.  We are helping customers to bring their unstructured data together, not just for search purposes, but to drive bsuiness intelligence and data visualization applications too.

Relevancy Ranked Query Completion Server
Query auto-completion is provided by many search applications, from Web search to E-commerce.  Where offered, query completion is highly influential on user search behavior.  We've developed some sophisticated ways to fine tune query completion suggestions.