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Interested in an Intranet Search Upgrade?

  • Most organizations have a corporate intranet, but with a poor search capability
  • We can change that, efficiently and affordably, regardless of which search engine you use to power your intranet search
  • Engaging with us is easy and low-risk. We provide a range of fixed price packages to get things started, including our award-winning Search Assessment service
  • Search Technologies is the largest team of search engine implementation and configuration experts globally
  • We are a double-GOLD certified Microsoft partner, a leading Google Enterprise partner, and we have expertise in most of the leading search products, including Solr / Lucene, and Elasticsearch.

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Open Source Intranet Search

Cost effective, fully supported intranet search solutions based on the Solr open source search platform

Intranet Search Excellence

Based on the experience of hundreds of intranet search implementation projects, using all of the leading search engines, our expertise will ensure that you achieve intranet search excellence

Google Search for your Intranet

Enterprise search users simply want Google on their Intranet. This can be achieved with the Google Search Appliance, provided that attention is given to a few important differences between Web search, and enterprise search applications

Google Search Appliance Case Study | Manufacturing

Like many Fortune 500 companies, this large manufacturer has a vast store of corporate knowledge housed in multiple repositories, and accessed through a variety of intranet portals. A Google Search Appliance-based solution provided a hugely improved search experience