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Lotus Notes Connectors

Search Technologies provides Lotus Notes Data Connectors for any search engine, CMS, or Big Data application


  • Many large organizations still rely on Lotus Notes as a key repository for important content
  • Lotus Notes systems can be complex in terms of access security, and other factors
  • Yet it is business-critical to be able to efficiently search Lotus Notes systems
  • Search Technologies specializes in Lotus Notes connectors. We are search engine and application independent, and work with all of the leading software providers

Let's be straight-forward about this: Gaining reliable, fully-secure connectivity to Lotus Notes can be challenging. We know how to do it, and we succeed where others have failed simply because of our experience, and our pragmatic approach.

Search Technologies is the leading independent consulting organization dedicated to enterpise search, big data applications, and helping customers to fully leverage their content assets. With more than 500 customers, we provide a unique blend of expertise and insight to align technical solutions with business objectives.

We have plenty of experience integrating with Lotus Notes. Some of our staff first created Lotus Notes connectors more than 15 years ago.

Whether you are looking to search Lotus Notes via SharePoint 2013, Autonomy, or using an  open sourch approach with Elasticsearch or Solr, we can help you to establish comprehensive connectivity.

We can also help you to ingest Lotus Notes content into Hadoop.

Contact us for an informal discussion of your Lotus Notes Connector needs.