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A Lotus Notes Connector for SharePoint 2013


Search Technologies specializes in creating connectivity solutions:

  • For many repositories, implementing data connectors to enable content to be searched via SharePoint 2013, is a straight-forward process
  • However, long-established Lotus Notes environments typically present additional challenges that cannot be addressed using an off-the-shelf approach

For example, access control lists in Lotus Notes can be nested, and the use of roles further complicates matters. Mature Lotus Notes systems often hold a large volume of documents. And the need to constantly crawl for search purposes puts strain on system resources.


Search Technologies provides a fully supported Lotus Notes connector for SharePoint 2013, which can be installed quickly and easily where the environment is straightforward.

In addition, we provide a comprehensive service to configure and customize the Lotus Notes connector, to suit the unique circumstances of the customer.


As with all of Search Technologies' data connectors, this Lotus Notes connector for SharePoint 2013 comes with built-in parsing, cleansing and enrichment capabilities. These are important processes to ensure that Lotus Notes content is findable in SharePoint 2013.

Lotus Notes content is typically of high value and critical to the smooth operation of business processes. Our pragmatic approach will ensure that the full value of this content is exposed through enterprise search in SharePoint 2013.

For further information or pricing details, please contact us.