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Lucidworks Consulting and Implementation Services

Lucidworks delivers a modern search platform for enterprise and digital commerce businesses. With AI-powered features, Lucidworks helps organizations overcome data silo challenges and discover new insights quickly and easily. 

A Lucidworks partner with extensive search expertise and experience, we can help your organization create value and increase ROI with end-to-end Lucidworks consulting and implementation services.

Our range of services covers: 

  • Search application assessment and strategy consulting – ensure a successful implantation with evaluation, recommendations, and architecture blueprints
  • Content acquisition, processing, and enrichment – support secure data ingestion from multiple sources, efficient content processing, and indexing of structured and unstructured content for search
  • Search engine tuning and relevancy improvement – measure search accuracy with proven approaches and reliably improve it over time
  • Migration and integration – between Lucidworks and other systems (e.g. migrating from Attivio to Lucidworks)
  • Managed services, support, and training 


We bring secure, high-performing connectors to over 50 unstructured and structured content sources. 

Key connector features:

  • Document-level security
  • Incremental updates
  • Native hierarchy ingestion
  • Document workflow: Metadata cleansing, normalization, extraction
  • Distributed scanning clusters: elastically scalable to petabytes scanning volume
  • Administration user interface


Our innovative NLP middleware supports the orchestration of NLP algorithms and provides 30+ built-in NLP models to help accelerate your project. 

  • Neural Networks: Tensorflow, BERT, USE
  • Python: LSA, Vader, Sentiment 2
  • Prepackaged: E-mail, Number, URL, Federal ID, routing number, postal code, name, MAC address, IP Address, Business Identifier Code, International Bank Account Number 
  • Pattern-based: Regex, Advanced Patterns, Dictionary, Fragments
  • Third-party: Google Knowledge, Google Extractor

NLP features:

  • Build the NLP pipelines for you
  • Ambiguity representation & resolution using confidence mathematics
  • Business-friendly UI for NLP maintenance
  • Built-in Selection & Action Framework for semantic search and Q/A live-data results


We bring a Google-style enterprise search user interface to help organizations accelerate speed-to-value for their search projects. Our Enterprise Search UI's popular features include: 

•    Facets/filters
•    Tabs, Pagination, Sorting
•    Hierarchy Browse, Nested Results
•    User Feedback

Contact us to learn more about how we can help implement and improve your Lucidworks search platform.