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Magento: Solr Search Improvement Services


  • Site search is hugely important for any online retailer offering a large number of products
  • Improvements in search relevancy and performance directly impact conversion rates and revenues
  • The Apache Solr search engine used by the Magento e-commerce system is fast, powerful and flexible
  • However, out-of-the-box configurations of Solr seldom provide an optimum search experience


Search Technologies provides Solr and e-commerce search expertise at competitive daily rates. As the largest IT services company dedicated to search engines, our Solr expertise is second to none. Our services for Magento customers include:

  • Architecture and design of Solr search solutions for e-commerce
  • Implementation and configuration of Solr
  • Content processing expertise (for example, entity extraction and statistical analysis) to generate additional data to support and finesse the search experience



Potential Solr customizations include:

  • Improving search results relevancy
  • Performance tuning
  • Adding new search features or navigation / sorting options

For further information, or for an informal discussion of your Magento search needs, contact us.