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Managed Search Services

Let our experts build and manage your search systems, while you focus on your core business.


Search engine implementation and maintenance requires specialist skills. Even where those skills are available within an organization, it can be difficult to sustain a focus on search. Data sets and user needs continually evolve, and without ongoing configuration, the relevancy and integrity of search results degrades over time.

It doesn’t have to be this way.



Search Technologies addresses this need directly, through Managed Search Services. Our expertise and focus on search engines enable us to build, administer and maintain search applications efficiently and reliably. Managed Search Services are:

  • Offered for all of the leading search products, such as Solr/Lucene, Elasticsearch, Google Search Appliance, FAST, SharePoint, NXT, Amazon CloudSearch, HP Autonomy, Oracle Endeca, and others
  • Available as a service, with no capital investment required



Managed Search Services go beyond system maintenance, support, and administration. We also provide added-value services such as search quality management, relevancy tuning, index auditing, performance monitoring, and semantic resource maintenance.

We take total responsibility for all aspects of the search application. This leaves our customers free to focus on their core business.

24 / 7 support is available.



Managed Search Services can be provided regardless of server location. The search application can be:

  • Behind the customer’s firewall
  • Based in a commercial cloud or hosting center, such as Amazon EC2
  • At one of Search Technologies’ specialized search application hosting facilities



Search Technologies provides an end-to-end service to design, build, deploy, support, maintain and administer new search solutions based on the customer's chosen search engine and exact requirements. This is a custom service, not a generic or off-the-shelf package, so the search application will directly address the customer's business objectives.

Where appropriate, we provide advice on search engine choice, including consideration of open source alternatives.



We also take total responsibility for existing search systems, even if they are currently facing challenges. As a part of our service, we will review the current system's design and performance, and address outstanding issues.


CONTACT US for a full description of our technical support services, or to discuss any specific support issues that you are currently experiencing with your search implementation.

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