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MarkLogic Implementation Services

Unstructured Data Transformation Services

Search Technologies, the leading IT services company dedicated to search engines, provides implementation services for MarkLogic Server.

We've delivered more than 50,000 consultant-days of implementation services during the last four years alone, to 400+ corporate and government customers who use leading search products such as MarkLogic.


Whatever your application, to get the best out of MarkLogic Server it is important to first create clean, consistent, and appropriately enriched XML. MarkLogic provides a content processing framework (CPF) for this purpose.

Search Technologies has extensive experience of transforming unstructured data, often from multiple sources, into normalized, high quality XML. Working with unstructured data requires a different approach.

Our professional services will ensure that your MarkLogic project has the best possible foundation - clean, consistent XML to work with.

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