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Metadata Preparation for the Google Search Appliance

Take your metadata seriously to get the most out of the latest GSA

Most intranet and enterprise search users want something simple. We often hear them say: “we want it to work the same as Google.”

Well, it can. And, the solution comes in two parts:

•    First, you need the technology, and this can be provided by the latest Google Search Appliance
•    Second, you need to prepare your documents. Almost all popular search features, from relevance ranking to the GSA’s new “Dynamic Navigation”, rely on metadata.

The Silver Bullet for Intranets
During the past five years, Search Technologies has developed a process for investigating and planning search applications, based on the experience of more than 400 customer engagements.

We’ve developed an approach called DPMS, a Document Preparation Methodology for Search, which adds the final ingredients to successful enterprise-wide search deployment.  DPMS isn’t just categorization or entity extraction, although it can include these capabilities. It is a pragmatic, holistic approach to creating and managing metadata to drive best practice search engine features and business productivity.

Achieving ROI
DPMS is the missing link between the vision and the return on investment, and it excels in complex environments where multiple data sets and user communities are involved.