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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications for Business

Using structured data alone is no longer enough for today’s business analyses, predictions, and decision-making. Leveraging unstructured, natural language content, such as emails, social media, videos, text documents, customer reviews, etc., enables enterprises to uncover tremendous insight. With a well-implemented natural language processing (NLP) application, your organization can enhance business intelligence, search, and analytics through a deeper understanding of unstructured content and queries.


As 80% of enterprise data is unstructured, natural language processing can help improve results across all aspects of the business through the automation of unstructured data processing. 

Some common NLP applications for business include:

  • Question answering systems – enhancing knowledge management and discovery by connecting employees to business data, charts, information, and resources
  • Business chatbots and customer support applications – answering high-volume, low-complexity questions, rerouting requests, directing users to manuals or products, and lowering costs
  • E-commerce product recommendations – improving search relevancy, providing targeted responses, and delivering personalized results based on query intent
  • Pharmaceuticals – extracting entities from research and trials reports to automate manual effort and discover insights 
  • Recruiting – automatically matching jobs to candidates to increase fill rates and reduce time to fill
  • Natural resources exploration – extracting information from highly unstructured content, such as historical documents, reports, maps, notes, etc.
  • Vendor/legal contract analysis – identifying gaps or breach of contract
  • Lien/loan contract fact extraction – automating manual processes and deriving more accurate information for better targeting
  • Threat detection and compliance monitoring – search and analyze across natural language data to monitor and react quickly to compliance issues, security or insider threats, fraud, and other adverse events


Whether you are looking to solve unstructured content processing challenges or enhance insight discovery, we can work with you to deliver:

  • Strategic planning, implementation, support – project planning, architectural design, implementation, and support for your NLP application
  • Content acquisition and processing – acquiring unstructured or semi-structured data using our unstructured content processing framework and secure connectors  
  • Natural language processing framework – supporting document understanding and query interpretation to deliver relevancy, personalization, and an overall enhanced user experience

Contact us to discuss how natural language processing can support your business needs.