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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions for Monitoring Compliance, Fraud, and Risk

Financial Services, Legal Services, and Insurance Companies

Companies in highly-regulated sectors, such as financial and legal services companies, need to be able to monitor information and react quickly to any breach of compliance regulations. Compliance investigations can cover suspected instances of fraud, market abuse, conflicts of interest, or personal account dealing.

We combine our natural language processing (NLP) with search and analytics expertise to provide clients with a central hub from which all relevant data across the organization or from external repositories can be searched and analyzed.


An effective natural language processing solution can help your organization leverage unstructured, natural language data to monitor compliance, risk, and fraud:

  • Reduce the level of non-compliance risk and minimize access to sensitive information
  • Reduce operational costs by alleviating the overhead on IT to gather communications data for a compliance inquiry
  • Automate the processing and extraction of relevant information from unstructured data and communications
  • Work more quickly and efficiently on regulatory investigations and search over hundreds of millions of records from multiple internal and external data sources, including emails, instant messages, voice recordings, social media, etc.
  • Ability to easily detect non-compliant activities with a single search and analytics dashboard


  • Content acquisition – acquiring relevant data from multiple content sources with secure connectors  
  • Content processingAspire content processing framework for efficient processing of data 
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) framework – a scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-use framework that fills the gaps in existing NLP/NLU technologies. Learn more about Saga NLU framework
  • User-friendly search and analytics UI – providing secure access to organization-wide data for identifying and analyzing non-compliance, risk, and fraud signals

Contact us to discuss your compliance and risk management requirements and how our natural language processing solution can help.