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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solution for Detecting Insider Threats

In many instances, costly data breaches originate from employees who have authorized access to valuable data. With an effective solution for detecting insider threats, organizations can avoid lengthy legal battles as well as monetary and reputational losses resulted from insider trading, non-compliance, leaks of trade secrets, data breaches, and government intelligence leaks.

This is where integrating natural language processing (NLP) with search and analytics can help solve the insider threat challenge. Searching and analyzing organization-wide data, including natural language communications (e.g. emails, chat, voice recordings, documents), enables rapid risk mitigation by detecting threat patterns for timely investigation. 


The custom-built solution combines NLP with search and analytics to enable organizations to:

  • Find patterns unique to the organization and customize a “risk” score of any employee.
  • Do sentiment analysis to detect patterns in order to identify red flags and determine if there is any illegal or nefarious intent in the communications.
  • Leverage the scalability of search engines to handle petabytes or billions of records.
  • Have a 360-degree view across organizational data from multiple sources.
  • Investigate threats using data available via the search engine.
  • Integrate with third-party archiving solutions and analytics dashboards. If the organization has a SIEM software in place, this application can be complementary to the existing solution.


  • Content acquisition – acquiring organizational data from multiple business applications with secure connectors  
  • Unstructured content processingAspire content processing framework for efficient processing of data 
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) framework – a scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-use framework that fills the gaps in existing NLP/NLU technologies. Learn more about Saga NLU framework 
  • User-friendly search and analytics UI – providing investigators secure access to organizational data to search for, identify, and analyze threat patterns

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