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Natural Language Processing Enhancements (NLP) for Elasticsearch

Consider the massive volume of unstructured content in your enterprise – documents, emails, social media, videos, customer reviews, support requests, etc. The ability to quickly and easily search for unstructured content is critical to business intelligence and outcomes. This is where Natural Language Processing (NLP) services can bring significant performance improvements to your enterprise search . 

For organizations leveraging Elasticsearch, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) services can help enhance a wide range of Elasticsearch-based enterprise search and other business applications. With a scalable and powerful NLP middleware, we can orchestrate NLP algorithms and provide an end-to-end semantic search experience.


  • Neural Network: TensorFlow (BERT, USE)
  • Python: Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), VADER, Sentiment 2
  • Pre-packaged: e-mail, number, URL, federal ID, routing number, postal code, name, MAC address, IP Address, Business Identifier Code (BIC), International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • Pattern-based: Regex, Advanced Patterns, Dictionary, Fragments
  • Third-party: Google Knowledge, Google Extractor


  • Run any number of models on the same text – building the NLP pipelines for you
  • Ambiguity representation and resolution – using confidence mathematics
  • Business-friendly user interface for NLP maintenance
  • Built-in Selection & Action Framework – for semantic search & question-answer live-data results
  • Configurations and NLP resources stored in Elasticsearch

Contact us to learn how our NLP services can help improve your Elasticsearch performance.