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Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions for Recruiting

Find the Best Candidate for the Job, Faster and Easier

In the recruiting and staffing industry, fast and accurate candidate matching is an enormous competitive edge. In many cases, you are in a race to present the right candidate before your competitor identifies the same person in their candidate database. Given the large amounts of candidates that most recruiters deal with, it is easy to lose track of your best matches. 


Accurate, relevant search combined with the automatic comparison of job vacancies and resumes or CVs can bring the best experience for the recruiter, the right job for the right candidate, and the optimal outcome for the recruiting company. And as data about jobs and candidates are mostly unstructured (for example, resumes, CVs, job description documents, social media content, etc.), natural language processing (NLP) helps deliver the best insights and matches from a large amount of recruiting data. 

The ideal experience would look like this: A job description (the document as a whole) is submitted as the search request, and the comparison system returns a short list of the best-qualified candidates from a database of CVs. Alternatively, a job seeker (or professional recruiter) submits a CV, and the system returns a list of the most appropriate, currently available vacancies.

Our search expertise and natural language processing solutions enable recruiting companies to:

  • Ingest and process job descriptions and résumés/CVs with NLP to determine skills, job titles, companies, overall capabilities, legal requirements, education, skill freshness, skill experience, etc.
  • Create matching algorithms to automatically recommend jobs for candidates, candidates for jobs, as well as finding similar candidates and jobs.
  • Use past hiring information to perform machine learning, test and score success, and continuously improve the algorithms to optimize accuracy.
  • Use NLP to extract and handle complex “reports to” and “managed by” relationships
  • Use NLP to extract and handle legally-binding requirements
natural language processing for recruiting


  • Content acquisition – acquiring recruiting data from multiple content sources with secure connectors  
  • Content processingAspire content processing framework for efficient processing of resume data 
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) framework: a scalable, cost-effective, easy-to-use framework that fills the gaps in existing NLP/NLU technologies. Learn more about Saga NLU framework
  • User interface – delivering a user-friendly search interface so that recruiters can easily search and locate the best candidates based on custom criteria.

Read our case study and contact us to learn more about our NLP solution for recruiting.