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Natural Language Search Applications

Consulting and Implementation

Natural language is being integrated into our daily lives with products like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. Similarly, in the business world, natural language search and question/answer systems have emerged as innovative approaches for improving operational efficiency and knowledge discovery. 

Gaining Insights from Unstructured and Semi-Structured Content 

We help organizations implement and leverage natural language search applications to gain insights from unstructured or semi-structured data gathered from multiple areas of the business. 

Through your custom-built natural language search application, you can ask questions and get direct responses without having to sift through a massive amount of scattered data to find relevant information. This can ultimately increase productivity and business value. For example, you can get immediate responses to questions or requests like:

  • What is the US sales revenue this quarter?
  • How many new customers did we acquire this month?
  • Schedule a meeting with the CIO

Some other example use cases can revolve around:

  • Enhancing customer support
  • Understanding your customers and competitors
  • Identifying and analyzing the impact of new rules and regulations on your business
  • Finding and comparing products and vendors
  • Augmenting your internal knowledge with external data 

End-to-End Services for Natural Language Search Projects

  • Project planning: define the requirements, scope, costs, and timeline for your natural language search application
  • Architectural design: ensure the application integrates seamlessly with your existing technology infrastructure
  • Filling in the gaps: help a project get back on track, or provide recommendations for improving your current system's performance
  • Technology assets: bring innovative natural language processing and content processing technologies to help accelerate speed to delivery

Combining Natural Language Processing with Search and Analytics Expertise

Whether you are looking for expert help with specific tasks or a full natural language search application development, we can help you deliver a successful project on time and within budget.

  • Content acquisition: identifying and extracting unstructured or semi-structured data from paid and free web sources or by using our secure connectors to popular repositories
  • Raw language processing and statistical language processing: to provide the highest data quality and improve the relevancy of your search and analytics application
  • Text mining, extraction, and classification: includes entity extraction, content categorization, content clustering, fact extraction, and relationship extraction
  • Natural language query understanding: to improve search relevancy and personalization
  • Integration: with any chatbots or question/answer systems that you may currently have
  • Managed services and support: flexible options to help you manage your search application so you can focus on your core business
  • Natural language search UI: designing and developing efficient and easy-to-use user interfaces to support question/answer systems

Contact us for an initial discussion of your natural language search requirements and how we can help.