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What's New with Rocket NXT 4.6?

Released late in 2012, this new version of NXT provides updates and enhancements in a number of areas, including:

MOBILE / HTML5 Templates
Multiple template sets can now be installed.

  • View NXT sites from your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, or Android device
  • New Email it/Tweet it/Bookmark feature
  • Partial TOC for viewing & navigating hierarchy on mobile devices
  • Table of Contents nodes are now XML/XSL based instead of DOM based – Significant performance improvement
  • Hit-highlighting in PDF documents with Adobe X clients now works correctly
  • Hit-highlighting can now be toggled on and off without having to reload the document
  • New user option for automatically syncing the Table of Contents to the current document
  • Added the user option of having the Table of Contents shown or hidden automatically depending upon the screen width
  • Added a quick search bar
  • Templates now use iFrames rather than the older HTML 4 Frames
  • Loading icon is now displayed to indicate activity
  • Previous Doc & Next Doc buttons are now available by default

The following mobile operating systems have been tested:

  • Android 4 (Asus TF01)
  • Andriod 2.3.3 (Samsung Galaxy)
  • iOS 4.x and 5.x (iPhone and iPad)

Updated Web Browser Support
All major web browsers are now supported, including IE 8 & 9, Firefox 12 & 13, Chrome 19 & 20, Safari 4 & 5, Opera 11 & 12 

For additional information, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss NXT 4.6 further with you.