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What's New with Rocket NXT 4.6?

Released late in 2012, this new version of NXT provides updates and enhancements in a number of areas, including:

1. MOBILE / HTML5 Templates

Multiple template sets can now be installed.

  • View NXT sites from your iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, or Android device
  • New Email it/Tweet it/Bookmark feature
  • Partial TOC for viewing & navigating hierarchy on mobile devices
  • Table of Contents nodes are now XML/XSL based instead of DOM based – Significant performance improvement
  • Hit-highlighting in PDF documents with Adobe X clients now works correctly
  • Hit-highlighting can now be toggled on and off without having to reload the document
  • New user option for automatically syncing the Table of Contents to the current document
  • Added the user option of having the Table of Contents shown or hidden automatically depending upon the screen width
  • Added a quick search bar
  • Templates now use iFrames rather than the older HTML 4 Frames
  • Loading icon is now displayed to indicate activity
  • Previous Doc & Next Doc buttons are now available by default

The following mobile operating systems have been tested:

  • Android 4 (Asus TF01)
  • Andriod 2.3.3 (Samsung Galaxy)
  • iOS 4.x and 5.x (iPhone and iPad)

    2. Updated Web Browser Support

    All major web browsers are now supported, including IE 8 & 9, Firefox 12 & 13, Chrome 19 & 20, Safari 4 & 5, Opera 11 & 12 

    For additional information, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss NXT 4.6 further with you.


    What's New in NXT since NXT 4.6

    NXT includes new and improved functionality. Additional details are available in the documentation. Highlights include:

    NXT Mobile/HTML5 Templates 

    • Reference line (breadcrumbs) behavior improved
    • In 4.6 bookmarks were stored within the browser (local storage or cookies). Now they are stored on server side. So NXT user can save bookmarks at one PCdevice and then use it from another.
    • The web browser’s back and forward buttons now work as expected.
    • Saved search functionality has been implemented for the mobile templates.
    • Previous Doc & Next Doc buttons now work correctly when reviewing search results.
    • Numerous bug fixes.

      For additional features within the previous NXT version 4.6 click here.

      For more information, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss NXT further with you.