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What's new in Rocket NXT 4.8

Rocket Software NXT is an enterprise search engine with a strong following in the commercial publishing industry. Key enhancements in the August 2014 release of NXT 4.8 include:

  • Faceted Search – Also known as guided navigation, supports filters that narrow search results.
  • Definition of Facets in XIL File – Facets are defined in XIL file by using usual field-like syntax.
    • Tuning of Facets – Appearance of facets can be changed by using Content Network Manager or SDF.
    • Usage of Facets – Using NXT 4.8 WebUI, user can choose the scenario of usage of facets - regular narrowing or newly created search form.
  • Improved WebUI– Improved stability and usability of NXT templates.
  • Security Improvements – Improvements include protection against cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities and additional URL input validation.
  • Improved escaping of path symbols – Library Manager and Online Server escape and decode special characters in the same way.
  • IPv6 support in Content Network Server – Content Network Server now works on systems with enabled IPv6.


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