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An Overview of Rocket NXT 4

(see also What's New in NXT 4.9)

The Rocket NXT 4 product suite provides the tools and applications necessary to build and deploy your initial information on the web, CD or DVD, and into corporate intranets. It also includes a unique incremental update model which enables you to more efficiently distribute updates to your employees or subscribers.

Key new elements in NXT 4 include:

  • New Commercial Publisher applications:  NXT Offline Publisher and NXT Intranet Publisher incorporate license management technology, allowing you to distribute your content securely to CD/DVD customers or directly into a corporate intranet. License management secures your information, prevents unauthorized use, enforces subscriptions, and provide mechanisms for trial periods and upgrades. Additionally, your customers can upgrade their licenses to your information on your web site, rather than by calling your support center.
  • New content production tools:  NXT Builder now includes the new Library Manager application. Library Manager helps you create libraries of NXT content collections, secure them, and prepare them for deployment. Additionally, Library Manager handles the creation of incremental updates from your source data stores. For those customers who have implemented production systems using NPBuild, you may extend your existing production processes to use Library Manager (you don't have to throw away the work you have already done to use Library Manager).
  • Incremental updates for CD/DVD users:  You can now reliably deliver incremental updates to content on the web, rather than redistributing CDs quarterly or annually. The new Library Installer application runs your employee's or customer's system tray. Library Installer checks periodically for updates (at a schedule pre-determined by you), automatically downloads the updates, and applies them to the local system. Although it's designed for use by CD/DVD users, you can use the same mechanism for updating intranet customers or NXT 4 Online Server deployments.
  • Content Bridges:  Content Bridges pull information from different data stores and create content collections. Unlike the NXT 3 Content Adapters, which created indexes of the information and required that the original data store be available to the Online Server, a content bridge creates a copy of the information inside a content collection. You can then distribute that content to both your online users and CD/DVD users. For example, you can extract information from an ODBC database and deliver the database content on CD to your subscribers. Includes content bridges for the file system, ODBC, and Lotus Notes.
  • User interface improvements: The default templates for NXT and Solo have minor improvements in this release. The hit list now displays alternating colors for the hit rows and images identify the file type so the search results are easier to read. Also, the relevancy ranking is now more intuitive. Additionally, the document view has two new buttons — one to bookmark the current document and one to print the current document.
  • Performance and reliability improvements:  NXT  4 makes significant improvements in performance and reliability. By performing extensive testing both in our own lab and at the Intel Performance Labs, and working with customers to resolve issues, we have made the NXT Online server faster, enabled better support of multiprocessor systems, and fixed defects, resulting in a more stable and productive environment.

Support Update

Rocket NXT 4 also provides support for

  • Support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Support for IIS 6 and IIS 7
  • Improved Adobe PDF Support
  • Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Document Indexing
  • Support for Virtual Machine Environments

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