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Search Technologies Helps Adecco Group Significantly Improve Recruiter Efficiency

Search and Match application based on Cloudera and Solr improves recruiter response times and fill rates

Herndon, VA, December 2, 2015: Search Technologies, the leading provider of enterprise search and big data analytics expertise announced today that Adecco Group, the world’s largest leading provider of HR solutions, is using a “Search and Match” application developed by Search Technologies to improve recruiter productivity. Swiss-based Adecco Group has more than 32,000 employees in around 5,100 branches, in over 60 countries. 

Kamran Khan, President and CEO at Search Technologies commented, "The fast and accurate matching of candidates to jobs is a critical process in the recruitment industry. We are delighted to have helped Adecco apply big data approaches to this task using our unrivaled experience in building custom solutions for search and analytics applications.”

In the first 90 days after implementing the “Search and Match” solution in the North American Staffing Division, Adecco saw a marked improvement in several business metrics including:

  • A significant improvement in fill rate (the percentage of job orders successfully completed) resulting in positive revenue growth 
  • 30% reduction in time to fill vacancies
  • 20% reduction in job board spend (due to better use of existing data)

“We are extremely pleased with the new Search and Match solution that is built on flexible, next-generation technology,” said Clifford Barnes, Group VP and Program Director at Adecco. “It’s been a very successful project for Adecco, and Search Technologies have been a great partner to work with,” he added.

The Search and Match solution has grown to become a core piece of Adecco’s Front Office global strategy, powering Search and Match in both their recruiting and web solutions, in businesses located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Japan, and due to implement in Spain and Switzerland by end of 2015.

Adecco was recently short-listed for the prestigious Cloudera Business Impact Award at Hadoop World 2015.

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, Search Technologies has offices across the United States, and in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, and in Central America. Other Search Technologies customers include the Library of Congress, European Union Publishing Office, EMC Corporation, Reed Elsevier, and the United Nations. 


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