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Search Technologies Launches Aspire for Elasticsearch

Innovative content processing and connector platform for unstructured data

Herndon, VA – June 16, 2015: Search Technologies, the leading IT services firm specializing in the design and implementation of enterprise search and big data analytics, is pleased to announce a milestone in its partnership with Elastic, the company behind the popular open source projects Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Aspire for Elasticsearch – available immediately – fills a critical void for customers needing to ingest unstructured data from multiple content repositories, process that content and index it in Elasticsearch.

As one of the leading open source technologies, Elasticsearch has gained massive popularity for to its ability to store, search, and analyze massive amounts of data across a wide variety of use cases, all in real-time. Search Technologies’ Aspire for Elasticsearch, an offering in the Aspire family, is an innovative and powerful content processing framework designed primarily for handling unstructured data for customers to clean, enrich and normalize content ingested by Elasticsearch, which is critical for improving search relevancy, navigation and/or analytics. Aspire for Elasticsearch includes connectors for file systems, RDBs and web content. Additional Aspire connectors for many other popular content repositories can be licensed to support the ingestion of content and metadata, including document security ACLs, if present, enabling full document-level security to be implemented within search and analytics applications.

“Aspire for Elasticsearch provides connectivity to popular unstructured data sources like -- SharePoint, Documentum, network drives and web content -- providing a rich framework for document enrichment,” said Steve Kearns, Director of Product Management at Elastic.“

Aspire for Elasticsearch is available immediately for download at is free for a 45 day trial. This distribution of Aspire Enterprise for Elasticsearch is initially provided as a time restricted “try and buy” and can easily be converted to full licensing at any time.

“The release of Aspire for Elasticsearch is a natural evolution of our partnership with Elastic. We have worked successfully with Elastic to combine their products with our technology expertise in services and software to deploy search and analytics projects for our global customers” said Kamran Khan, CEO, Search Technologies.

About Search Technologies 

Search Technologies is the leading trusted and independent technology services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and management of enterprise search and big data analytics applications. We have delivered results for over 600 customers across all commercial and government sectors. Our experienced consultants and unique technical assets help us deliver customized search and analytics applications that are easier to use, less expensive, more powerful, and most of all, more reliable.