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Search Technologies Releases New Version 2.1 of Aspire Content Processing Framework

Aspire 2.1 is a major release of the powerful and flexible content processing framework

Herndon, VA – January 23, 2015: Search Technologies today announced the release of Aspire 2.1, a major new version of its content processing framework. Aspire is specifically designed for handling unstructured data, providing a powerful solution for connectivity, cleansing, normalization, enhancement, analysis, and publishing of human-generated content to search engines and big data applications.

This release builds on the legacy of previous versions, maintaining the dedication to standards based technologies, component enabled flexibility and focus on scalability with performance. Highlights of Aspire 2.1 include:

  • Introduction of the staging repository, which is useful for reducing re-indexing times and enabling certain Big Data solutions
  • Decoupling of Aspire from connectors and publishers so that each can be upgrated independently
  • Performance reporting and index auditing tools that make it easier to analyze performance and troubleshoot any problems in the Aspire-based solution

“In our experience, poor content processing is the leading cause of user dissatisfaction and ROI underperformance in sophisticated search applications,” said Kamran Khan, CEO of Search Technologies. “Aspire is an invaluable tool that addresses these issues and provides the foundation for a flexible, reliable and maintainable approach to the development of content processing solutions. We currently have more than 50 customers using Aspire within their search solutions,” he added.

A community version of this new release is freely available for download, and complete documentation can be found at Aspire users include government agencies, publishers, and Fortune 5000 companies around the world.

For more information about Aspire, click here.


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