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Elasticsearch for Enterprise Search

A High Performance, and Affordable Option for Enterprise Search


  • Regardless of which leading search platform you choose to use, a number of time-tested first principles apply to achieving enterprise search excellence
  • Elasticsearch has all of the necessary core features and functions to excel in distributed, heterogeneous search environments
  • Used together with our implementation expertise, expect great results from Elasticsearch



Millions of organizations have downloaded Elasticsearch since it burst onto the enterprise search scene a few years ago. It has proved to be a reliable, highly scalable search platform, in use within a wide variety of search-centric solutions, from simple website search to real-time analysis applications.

At Search Technologies, we've worked with all of the leading search platforms during the past ten years, and we like what we see in Elasticsearch. The commercial organization that stands behind this open source platform is putting a lot of focus on analytical applications, and they are using the flexibility, agility, and sheer scalability of a well thought through search index to power applications that are beyond the reach of traditional SQL-based approaches.

Elasticsearch is committed to maintaining the core search engine as a foundation for applications built using the "ELK stack" - that is Elasticsearch, Logstash - an open source log file management tool, and Kibana, a visualization toolkit. This stack is clearly aimed at the "Big Data" market.

This is good news for anyone who is looking for an open source search platform. Elasticsearch is committed to maintaining and developing the underlying search platform, in open source.



Elasticsearch provides competitively priced maintenance and support services for any company interested in using their search platform for a business-critical application. Search Technologies provides complimentary services and tools, to help round-out applications, and directly meet project objectives, including:

  • Consulting for architecture design
  • Implementation services - we will provide experts to work with your team to deliver the project
  • Add-on technologies for categorization, entity extraction, plus cleansing and normalization of documents from disparate data sources (this is a key aspect of creating great enterprise search systems, regardless of the platform being used)
  • Advanced query processing solutions
  • Data connectors for Elasticsearch, to a wide range of popular repositories including Documentum, Jive, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, and IBM Connections. All of our data connectors fully support document-level security

For an informal discussion of how we can help you to deploy Elasticsearch as your enterprise search solution, contact us.