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Search Technologies partners with Elasticsearch

Search Technologies’ expert search implementation services now offered for Elasticsearch 

Herndon, VA – September 9, 2014: Search Technologies, the leading IT services firm specializing in the design and implementation of enterprise search and search-enabled big data applications, has announced a partnership with Elasticsearch, a worldwide leader in open source search and analytics software. 

Under the partnership, Search Technologies will offer Elasticsearch implementation services and complementary technologies. 

“We have been seeing an increased demand for Elasticsearch deployment from our consulting customers, so we are very happy to embark on this new partnership opportunity with them,” said Kamran Khan, CEO of Search Technologies. “We already have a range of active implementation projects in North America and Europe using Elasticsearch for both Web-facing applications, and for enterprise search deployment behind the firewall.” 

The Aspire content processing framework, which provides cleansing, normalization, categorization and entity extraction functionality, and Search Technologies’ growing range of security-aware data connectors, have already been implemented with Elasticsearch. 

Jobi George, Senior Director of Global Business Development at Elasticsearch, commented, “We are pleased to have the leading enterprise search implementation company on board as a partner, and available to build customized search-based applications for our customers. Search Technologies’ vast experience in implementing search systems, and their complementary products such as data connectors, will be of huge value to organizations adopting Elasticsearch as the foundation for business-critical applications.” 

About Search Technologies 

Search Technologies is an IT services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and management of enterprise search and search-enabled big data applications. We make it our business to ensure that our customers achieve the desired business insight and impact from their information retrieval and analysis initiatives. 

About Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is on a mission to make massive amounts of data usable for businesses everywhere by delivering the world’s most advanced search and analytics engine available. With a laser focus on achieving the best user experience imaginable, the Elasticsearch ELK stack – comprised of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana – has become one of the most popular and rapidly growing open source solutions in the market. Used by thousands of enterprises in virtually every industry today, Elasticsearch, Inc. provides production support, development support and training for the ELK stack. 

Elasticsearch, Inc. was founded in 2012 by the people behind the Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene open source projects. Since its initial release, Elasticsearch has more than 10 million cumulative downloads. The company is backed by Benchmark Capital, Index Ventures and NEA, with headquarters in Amsterdam and Los Altos, California, and offices around the world. To learn more, visit