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Search Technologies Releases Updated Version of Aspire with New Salesforce Connector

Aspire 3.1 content processing framework includes a newly refactored Salesforce connector, among other improvements.

aspire2-1-pr.jpgHerndon, VA - February 8, 2017: Search Technologies, the leading IT services firm specializing in the design and implementation of enterprise search and big data applications, has recently announced a new release of their Aspire content processing framework, featuring a newly enhanced version of the Salesforce connector.  

Aspire is a content processing framework specifically designed for handling unstructured data, providing a powerful solution for connectivity, cleansing, normalization, analysis and publishing of human-generated content to search engines and big data applications. Aspire 3.1 includes several bug fixes and new features.

One prominent new feature of Aspire 3.1 is a newly refactored Salesforce connector. It runs in the new connector framework and supports execution in a distributed environment, which results in:

  • More robust and stable features
  • More flexibility
  • Improved crawling for enhanced performance 

“The Aspire framework ensures that search and big data systems are working accurately and effectively for our customers. This new release includes improvements and fixes that will ensure their systems continue to run smoothly,” said Kamran Khan, CEO of Search Technologies. “And, we are very excited about the new, refactored version of the Salesforce connector which will result in performance that is three times faster than before for customers who rely on it for pulling business critical data from their Salesforce CRM to a search application,” he added.

Aspire provides additional features such as distributed processing, document-level security, along with full-service maintenance and support. Complete documentation can be found at  


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