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Search Technologies Profiled in Washington Post

"Value Added" column highlights seven years of growth in enterprise search consulting.

Herndon, VA - January 10, 2103: While the unemployment rate in the United States still hovers around 8 percent, there is strong competition among IT companies to find and hire top-level engineers and consultants. Employee benefits and perks can sometimes make all the difference in maintaining a competitive hiring advantage.

One of the distinct perks offered by Herndon, Va.-based Search Technologies – an annual corporate retreat to Costa Rica – served as the jumping off point for a feature on the growing business written by Thomas Heath of The Washington Post. Each week Heath profiles a regional company in his column entitled, Value Added. On Dec. 30, 2012, the headline read: This Herndon Search Company Found its Perfect Retreat in Costa Rica.

Kamran Khan, president and CEO of Search Technologies, told Heath that the retreat to Coast Rica helps Search Technologies attract and retain engineering talent and serves as a “chance to address his 100-person staff, informing them of how the company is doing and outlining the goals for the next year. I prefer to get people together and…clarify our strategy which is very simple: We are going to be experts in the search space.”

The company could not have grown from three to more than 100 employees in seven years if it were it not for its uncommon knowledge in enterprise search implementation, consulting, and managed services. Search Technologies is the largest IT services company dedicated to these specialties. Clients have included the US Government, the British newspaper The Daily Mail, and, as Heath wrote in the Post article, “It also helped launch its new cloud search [sic] product.”

Khan and the rest of the Search Technologies team also have seven years of strong growth to back the claim of being the experts in the search space. Founded in 2005 with $60,000, Search Technologies has never been in the red, turning a profit each year. For the last year on record, ending June 2012, Search Technologies recorded $15 million in sales. And the company expects to continue growing. According to Heath’s column, Khan plans on hiring 20 new employees by June and anticipates the company reaching $18 million in revenue for this fiscal year.

About Search Technologies

Search Technologies is the largest independent provider of enterprise search implementation, consulting, and managed services. Search Technologies helps companies gain competitive advantage through optimizing their use of leading search engines.