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OEM-Friendly, Custom Connector for Search Engines

Bringing Unstructured Content into Search and Big Data Analytics Applications

Modern businesses rely on a vast amount of data from all possible sources, from CMS, CRM, large file system repositories, collaboration applications, to BI/analytics applications, social media, and much more. Enterprise data lake applications will want to acquire all data, in its original form, and retain it for search and analytics. 

For over a decade, Search Technologies has been delivered connectors that support customers' search needs. Our OEM-friendly connectors are available as standalone Java libraries that can be licensed for third-party applications and content frameworks.

Custom connectors can greatly expand the reach and coverage of big data applications and product frameworks. Our connectors are fully-customizable and enable access to many business applications and data sources not supported by the current connector market. 


  • Developing and maintaining connectors is difficult, resource intensive, and distracts from your core business. 
  • Independent connector vendors that were once available have been acquired by large software vendors exclusively for their own use.

Reliably crawling content from one or multiple content repositories is complex because every repository is unique with regard to structure and security. Ideally, you want connectors that take advantage of the repositories’ product features, through their native APIs and are flexible enough to be modified for your customer’s enterprise environment.

We recognize that many different software application types require access to external content and therefore must either develop their own connectors or license them.

With over a decade of experience working on connectors and content ingestion, we ensure that our custom connectors are platform-independent, reliable, efficient, scalable, fully featured, and easily integrated into many third-party applications.  


Search Technologies’ connectors are unique in that they pull the full context of the original content source in addition to the raw bytes of the content itself, including:

  • Full metadata - all metadata fields for every record from the original content source 
  • The full hierarchy of the content storage location - both the folders and the documents 
  • Security access control lists - connectors return the ACL for every document and folder 
  • Group membership - connectors can also produce user/group membership
  • Incremental crawling of content and metadata - based on update tokens, when supported by the underlying content source
  • Form-based plug-in - JavaScript plug-in to help configure connectors

Contact us to discuss your connector requirements and our pricing details. 

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