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Enterprise Search and Analytics Webinars

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Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

Register for the webinars in our Knowledge Management Mini Series, part of our Espresso Webinar Series, to learn about various KM challenges and how we’re helping organizations overcome them to take full advantage of their intellectual assets.

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

To get the most out of Knowledge Management within an organization, knowledge sharing and linkages are essential. Fortunately, new AI algorithms are here to help! Watch our webinar to find out how they give knowledge context in order to be useful.

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

Graphs, Taxonomies, Classification and Ontologies are among the various Knowledge Management methods. But do you need them? How much do you need? How much is too much? In this webinar and we’ll demystify these terms and give you practical advice. 


Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

Watch our on-demand webinar as we explore the best way to handle creating and managing content and how AI technologies and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help automate this process.


Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

Today's organizations are combining data repositories to break information silos and support knowledge management and sharing within their organizations. Watch our on-demand webinar to explore real world examples of organizations that have large systems full of content that need a tailored knowledge management approach.


Speakers: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead, and Derek Rodriguez, Technical Architect Sr. Manager

During this extended webinar, we will go beyond search and present how AI-powered technologies are transforming search and helping unlock value in your unstructured enterprise content.


Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

Over the years, semantic search has shifted search engines away from displaying lists of document results based on keywords, to understanding the intention of those words and displaying targeted content that users really need. This on-demand webinar and demo will cover how semantic search bridges the gap between the user and the content.


Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

In this webinar, we'll discuss how organizations can leverage NLP and neural net technologies to create an improved Intelligent FAQ Management solution on their websites and alleviate issues that traditional FAQ search alone cannot handle.


Speaker: Derek Rodriguez, Technical Architect Sr. Manager

Organizations now more than ever, need to assess the risk associated with unstructured content which may contain sensitive data. In this on-demand webinar, We’ll discuss a variety of use cases including divestitures, PII detection, GDPR, information security quarantine, and archiving to cloud.


Speaker: Bill Fowler, Data Engineering Manager

Google Cloud Search as a standalone enterprise search engine has been available beyond its initial G Suite home. In this webinar, we will discuss what Google Cloud Search is, its pain points and use cases it addresses, and the benefits that customers experience.