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Enterprise Search and Big Data Webinars

View our on-demand webinars in which our experts discuss and demonstrate search and big data best practices, use cases, and customer success stories. Get our latest webinars, videos, blogs, and other educational content delivered monthly to your inbox, sign up for our free monthly Search & Big Data Newsletter and connect with us:


What can you do in 21 minutes? You could bake a pizza in the oven, listen to a few songs on the radio, watch a 30-minute sitcom on-demand fast-forwarding through commercials, drive 9 miles going 25mph…. OR you could grab a coffee and join our Espresso Webinar Series and learn about all things search and big data in 21 minutes! 

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Speaker: Kamran Khan, Managing Director

During this on-demand webinar, we'll share how we work with search, analytics, NLP, text analytics, trends analysis, contextual discovery, and machine learning to help organizations make sense of unstructured data and derive insights.

Speakers: Kamran Khan, Accenture; Gavyn McLeod, Igloo; Sean Allen, Reveille

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how the top trends in KM and information discovery can impact your organization, including new technology developments in analytics, cloud, cognitive computing, information governance, search, NLP, and security.

Speakers: Paul Nelson, Accenture; Leena Joshi, Redis Labs; and Balaji Mohanam, Qubole 

We have come a long way since the term "Big Data" swept the business world off its feet. Watch this on-demand roundtable webinar for direction and practical advice on the big data analytics challenges and opportunities to tackle in 2018. 

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Innovation Lead

Watch our on-demand webinar in which we will discuss how enterprise chatbots, powered by natural language processing (NLP), can improve information discovery and collaboration.

Speakers: Paul Nelson, Accenture Analytics, and Scott Parker, Sinequa

Cognitive computing and machine learning are accelerating the transformation of knowledge management. But to handle a broad range of topics, the underlying search technology must be extremely robust. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how you can leverage it for your organization.

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Chief Architect

Watch our first on-demand webinar as Accenture Analytics as our Chief Architect takes you on a journey through Natural Language Processing techniques and mechanisms to more deeply understand queries and improve search within your organization.

Speaker: Bill Fowler, GSA Architect

With the Google Search Appliance's end-of-life approaching soon, do you have a GSA migration plan in place? View our webinar and demo to learn about the latest insights from Google briefings and updates on Search Technologies' GSA Replacement Solution.

Speaker: Paul Nelson, Chief Architect

View our webinar to learn how to leverage Spark for real-time big data text mining. Practical tips, business benefits, example use cases, and a step-by-step demo will be presented.

Speaker: Bill Fowler, GSA Architect

View our webinar and demo to learn about how you can replace your GSA risk-free and cost-effectively with the Search Technologies' GSA Replacement Solution - a complete enterprise search solution built around Elasticsearch.