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Demo: Big Data Text Mining with Spark

Webinar presented by

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead
60 minutes

Watch our free on-demand webinar and learn how to use the Spark machine learning library for real-time, big data text mining to identify similar content and to do automatic text syndication.

We’ll process real-time tweets from the audience, run them through Spark, and compute similarity and clusters in real-time. The results will be written to Cloudera Search for search and analytics using Banana and can be used as a template for a wide variety of text analytics and search applications. 

During this hands-on webinar, we will: 

  • Present an end-to-end demo on how to implement a real-time, streaming text-mining application
  • Explore business benefits and sample applications
  • Discuss practical details on how to maintain, develop, and manage complex systems using these tools