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Enterprise Chatbots: A New Age Workplace

Webinar presented by

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead
60 minutes

Chatbots are becoming ubiquitous. Powered by natural language processing (NLP), chatbots enable conversations between humans and computers in everyday business interactions. They bring deeper natural language understanding to not only enhance search but also provide an entirely new way for employees to interact with corporate data and to work more productively. 

How exactly can chatbots bring this level of natural language understanding into the enterprise to improve information discovery and collaboration? Join us for a webinar in which we’ll discuss: 

  • What chatbots are, business use cases, and business value
  • Where chatbots work best and where they are not a good fit
  • The difference between chatbots and question-answer systems and how one is not a good fit for the other
  • Creating a brand new chatbot from scratch (live demo)
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