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Moving to the Cloud with Google Cloud Search: Features, 3rd-Party Connectivity, and Content Processing

Webinar presented by

Bill Fowler
Bill Fowler
Data Engineering Manager
45 minutes

Webinar Mini-Series Part 1

According to IDC, by 2020 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software will include cloud-based offerings. Why? There are many reasons organizations choose to move to the cloud such as scalability, improved relevance, easier upgrades, and even the ability to integrate with other Google Products. Google Cloud Search, Google’s newest cloud offering, is one of the solutions we’re migrating customers onto. It was initially rolled-out as a G Suite extension with the ability to search content from a number of Google services, but now it extends to include support for indexing and search over third-party enterprise content. 

Watch our on-demand webinar as we discuss: 

  • The many benefits of moving to the cloud 
  • Why Google Cloud Search is a compelling cloud option 
  • Google Cloud Search features such as content indexing, document hierarchy, and query and security features 
  • Mechanisms for ingesting data into Google Cloud Search 
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