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Search Technologies' GSA Replacement Solution Built Around Elasticsearch

On-Demand Webinar and Live Demo

If you’re a current Google Search Appliance customer, now is the time to think about your migration plan as Google's support for the GSA will end in March 2019. Why wait around for Google’s cloud replacement option when you can migrate today to Search Technologies’ GSA Replacement Solution built around open source search engines Elasticsearch (or Solr), our technology assets, and other complementary technologies. Together, these components provide a complete, enhanced enterprise search solution and replacement for the Google Search Appliance. 

As a Google Premier Partner with 200+ GSA customers, we can help you develop a migration plan and install, configure, launch, and provide ongoing support for your “yellow box” replacement.  

Watch our on-demand webinar and demo to learn about:

  • The current state of GSA migration planning from our survey of hundreds of GSA customers
  • The features and benefits of our search solution - how it can be easily scaled and is more cost-efficient than the GSA 
  • Our end-to-end, risk-free migration services