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Intelligent Knowledge Management: Harvesting Knowledge from Your Company

Webinar presented by

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead
21 minutes

Part of the Espresso Webinar Series

With today’s rapid growth of data, organizations are combining data repositories and leveraging retrieval applications to break information silos and support knowledge management and sharing within their organizations. This trend leads to more demands for highly efficient knowledge management approaches. Knowledge can exist in many different forms (structured, unstructured, high quality / low volume, low quality / high volume) and in many different places, posing the need for a multi-layered approach that can create a holistic knowledge gathering, distribution, and management system over an entire organization.

Watch our on-demand webinar and demo to explore real world examples of organizations that have large systems full of content that need a tailored knowledge management approach and/or the need to migrate to a new platform. The end result is an intelligent knowledge management system containing workflows, semantic search, Q&A, content processing, etc. to help end-users do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

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