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Why Doesn’t My Search Work Like Google?

Webinar presented by

Phil Lewis
Phil Lewis
Lead Architect, Europe
21 minutes

Part of the Espresso Webinar Series

"Why doesn't my search work like Google?" How many times have you heard that? But Internet search and corporate-wide, or intranet search, are not the same thing. On the Internet, content is created and tagged to be found by search engines. This isn’t the case in the corporate environment where the primary purpose of content creation is to support the business. Plus, there are often large archives of legacy documents.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how you can improve the intranet user’s search experience by formulating a plan for data acquisition: no data = no search, applying a solid data processing strategy: good data = good search, using query processing: helping the searcher, and implementing search engine scoring and a continuous search quality improvement process.

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