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All Things Search and Big Data in 21 Minutes

Espresso Webinar Series

What can you do in 21 minutes? You could bake a pizza in the oven, listen to a few songs on the radio, watch a 30-minute sitcom on-demand fast-forwarding through commercials, drive 9 miles going 25mph….  OR you could grab a coffee and join our Espresso Webinar Series and learn about all things search and big data in 21 minutes! We’ll help you maximize your time and explore real-life examples to showcase how you can make better sense of your data (both structured and unstructured) to improve your business outcomes. 

ecommerce-icon.pngWhat Matters Most When Choosing a Search Engine? Top Criteria for Evaluating One 

September 13, 2018 at 11:00am ET / 4:00pm BST / 5:00pm CEST 

Whether you are in the process of implementing a new search engine or looking to make improvements to your company’s current one, paying attention to certain functionalities and performance metrics will be helpful. During this webinar, we'll discuss what to look for when comparing search engines and how to make the optimal selection decision. 


ecommerce-icon.png5 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce Website Search

October 10, 2018 at 11:00am ET / 4:00pm BST / 5:00pm CEST 

Being so accustomed to Google and Amazon, online users have come to expect similar e-commerce site search quality. But even the top-tiered e-commerce sites sometimes fail to provide the most optimized search experience for online shoppers. If your e-commerce search is lacking, your conversion and retention rates may be suffering too. During this webinar, we'll discuss how to develop an actionable search strategy roadmap and various features and functionalities, their impact, and their level of difficulty to achieve. 


knowledge management iconKnowledge Management Trends

November 14, 2018 at 11:00am ET / 4:00pm BST / 5:00pm CEST

Today’s knowledge management solutions are ever-evolving, and many are aimed at providing end-users with solutions to help them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. In many cases, knowledge isn’t right at employees' fingertips - causing process and project inefficiencies, and oftentimes, forcing them to reinvent the wheel which can be extremely costly. During this webinar, we'll discuss KM trends including why search is still king, machine learning and AI, NLP, and the importance of keeping content safe.