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Boosting Search Accuracy with Engine Scoring and Predictive Analytics

Webinar presented by

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead
45 minutes

On-Demand Webinar with a Live Engine Scoring Demo

More than 50% of people rank their search accuracy at a six or lower (on a scale from 1-10) according to the poll conducted during this webinar. But thanks to big data, it is now possible to harvest user event data, such as search logs and click logs, for the purpose of computing user-centric search accuracy metrics.

View our on-demand webinar, Boosting Search Accuracy with Engine Scoring and Predictive Analytics, and learn about the algorithms and processes for computing these metrics which are enormously helpful for evaluating search engine accuracy before a search engine is deployed. This webinar explores and discusses:

  • Search engine scoring metrics
  • Different models of engine scoring: the query model and the user model
  • How machine learning can be used to create optimized relevancy formulae for search engines 
  • Recent case studies from various industries 
  • A live search engine scoring demo
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