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Open Source eDiscovery Solutions

Search Technologies maintains a services practice which builds custom eDiscovery applications based on major search engines, including the Elastic Stack and Apache Solr open source platforms. 


  • Requirements review and architectural design
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Ongoing system maintenance, managed services, and support under a commercial-grade service level agreement 
  • Connectors to popular data sources

With the addition of professional services to customize the application to specific customer needs, open source now provides a highly cost effective option for serious eDiscovery solutions. Further, where customer needs are quite specific, open source affords great flexibility and the customer is not subject to vendor tie-in. 

Customers can freely choose to take ongoing support in-house or to contract with competent third parties as necessary.


Solid eDiscovery solutions can be built using the following tools:

Apache Lucene open source components:

  • Lucene: A core indexing and search API
  • Solr: A server packaging for Lucene providing a wide range of enterprise search functions and a convenient RESTful/xml interface
  • Tika: A document filtering / content extraction utility
  • Mahout: A machine learning add-on for Lucene supporting clustering, collaborative filtering, pattern mining, random decision forests and support vector machine implementation.
  • Nutch: A crawler for use inside or outside the firewall In some specific cases

Elastic Stack open source components as well as commercial plug-ins:

  • Logstash & Beats: data collection, transmission, parsing, and enrichment
  • Elasticsearch: search engine for indexing, search, and analysis
  • Kibana: reporting and visualization using a browser interface
  • X-Pack plug-ins: Security (formerly Shield), Alerting (formerly Watcher), Monitoring (formerly Marvel), Graph, and Reporting 

For some eDiscovery applications, it may be pragmatic to use a mixture of open source components and one or more licensed products. Search Technologies provides independent advice in this matter, on a case by case basis.

Contact us to learn more about options for building an eDiscovery solution that fits your organization's needs.