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Open Source Enterprise Search


  • For a growing range of search applications, open source search platforms such as Solr and Elasticsearch meet customer requirements in full, from a technical perspective.
  • The missing ingredients are implementation expertise, and customer-specific items such as data connectors and content processing systems (to clean, normalize and enrich content prior to indexing).
  • We also work with a range of other open source technologies, including Hadoop, Mahout, Nutch, Heritrix, and others.
  • A wide range of applications can benefit from the cost savings and flexibility provided by open source solutions. Some of those applications include intranet search, e-commerce site search, recruiting search and match, log analytics, fraud detection, public-facing website search, and government information portals.



Solr Consulting and Implementation Services: Across North America, in the UK and Germany, we provide experienced Solr and Elasticsearch experts to work within customer teams. Our rates are competitive, and whether you need an expert for just a couple of days, or a dedicated team to deliver a larger project, we can help.

Elasticsearch Consulting and Implementation Services: As an authorized partner to Elasticsearch, we help build and support custom Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) applications.

Managed Services: Search Technologies provides specialist search application management services to a wide range of government and commercial customers who leverage open source Elasticsearch and Solr search engines.

Benchmarking and Application Assessment: We can help you to decide if open source search is suitable for your search application. Using our award-winning Search Application Assessment Service, we'll provide you with a detailed study comparing open source with commercially licensed alternatives.

Big Data Integration: Looking to improve operations with big data? We use proven content processing techniques combined with Hadoop and open source search engines to build a custom application for your requirements. Learn more about some common big data use cases here.

Contact us for an informal discussion of your open source enterprise search requirements.