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Open Source Intranet Search Solutions

In the right circumstances, open source search can transform Intranet productivity

Government departments and commercial organizations are increasingly looking to open source software to power intranet search applications. Search Technologies has 80+ in-house search implementation professionals, many with deep expertise using Solr Lucene and other leading open source platforms. 

Search Technologies provides a range of tools and services to support intranet search initiatives.

Commercial-grade Service Level Agreements

When we implement open source Intranet search solutions for customers, we provide an SLA that delivers commercial-grade maintenance and support, including 24 / 7 options.

Content Processing for Solr

We also provide a Java-based content processing system for Solr, called Aspire.  This fully supported toolkit enables sophisticated Solr applications to be built quickly.  Together with our on-demand expert consultancy, this provides a cost effective yet low risk way to deploy sophisticated search functionality onto company intranets.

Benchmarking and Application Assessment

We have the experience and the staff to help you decide if open source is practical for your intranet search application.  We know how Solr performs in different scenarios, and we can advise you on how open source can be used with semantics, categorization and entity extraction, advanced query parsing and a range of other search-related technologies.

Contact us for further information or an informal discussion.