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Open Source Question Answering Systems

Expert Design, Development, and Support

cognitive-search.jpgQuestion answering systems or chatbots parse queries for natural language questions and then integrate with enterprise back-end systems to deliver direct answers rather than just a list of search results. Think about your daily interactions with natural language question answering systems such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home. Bringing similar question answering capabilities into your business domain can increase productivity by enabling your users to get immediate responses to questions (or requests) like:

  • What is EMEA sales revenue this month?
  • How many new customers did we acquire this quarter?
  • How does the US revenue compare to the UK revenue this quarter?
  • Schedule a meeting with the CTO

At Search Technologies, we can help you build enterprise question answering systems using open source search engines and tools combined with our own Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution and industry best practices.


  • You can select a combination of open source search engines and tools to build a system that works best for your use case. The selection can be done by your internal team or using our recommendations based on an assessment of your requirements and existing infrastructure.
  • Unlike out-of-the-box solutions, an open source question answering system is more scalable and customizable for your needs
  • A number of business user interfaces are available for entering and maintaining entities and patterns. These interfaces allow business users with no programming experience to enter and maintain common entities and question/response patterns.
  • Programmer intervention is only required to integrate with back-end systems. 
  • The answers can be pulled from relational databases, RESTful APIs to any business system, or from the search engine results. 


  • Data acquisition – using our secure connectors and multiple content acquisition tools 
  • Raw language processing – cleansing and formatting raw content so that your system can work with the highest quality data
  • Query understanding – using entity extraction, fact extraction, content clustering, and other techniques
  • Statistical language processing – clustering, categorization, summarization, etc.
  • Building question answering interfaces – displaying answers as natural language responses or as charts, reports, or interactive graphics
  • Managed services and support – flexible support options to help you manage and maintain your system for peak performance

Contact us to see how our NLP and question answering system development capabilities can support your business goals.