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Is Open Source Right for You?

Where it fits, open source provides a reliable, cost-effective alternative for building search applications


  • Search Technologies provides a fixed-price service to assess the applicability of open source search alternatives, such as Solr and Elasticsearch, to customer requirements
  • This service provides the customer with all of the necessary information to make an informed decision
  • Where open source is a viable option, an estimate of total cost of ownership is provided so that a comparison can be made with licensed product alternatives


Open source does not suit all search applications. However, for a growing range of customer requirements, it offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Open source is at its most powerful where search applications require a high level of customization, but it is also well suited to standard applications such as Web site search.

This fixed-price service comprises:

  • On-site examination of the data-sets involved and the objectives of the search application
  • Creation of a concise but comprehensive report on the suitability of open source
  • A presentation to the customer of the main findings and recommendations


Contact us to discuss your search requirements and how to improve your search performance with open source technologies.