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Query Completion Use Cases

The following examples are anonymized and based on actual customer use cases. The functionality illustrated can be implemented with any leading search engine.

Engineering and Construction – Place Names 
This large Engineering and Construction organization specializes in the design and construction of facilities for the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water. Over their 25 year history they have produced vast amounts of content related to their  projects, which are stored in a variety of repositories. 

Their intranet provides a single point of search access across all of the past and current documentation. Projects are typically named after their locations, for example the Melbourne Electric Substation, and these place names are often included in the documentation connected with the project.

Bruce is a project manager that has just started plans for a new Natural Gas storage and distribution plant in eastern China, north of Shanghai. Bruce remembers that a similar project in Taizhou China was mentioned in a conference call a few months ago. Bruce would like to find the document related to this project, however he is not sure how that city is spelled, Taishou, Taizhow , Taizhou? 

Bruce begins to type into the search text box, and by the time he has entered Tai, the query completion server has already presented him with a pick-list that contains Taizhou Power Plant, Taiz Water Plant and Taizé Substation. He selects the Taizhou Power Plant and is quickly rewarded with the content he needs. 

E-commerce Search – Directing Searchers to Higher Margin Products 
"Dogs-R-Us" has just become the hot thing in canine couture. Nicole Richie was recently photographed with her Silky Terrier named Hulk, who is sporting a Dog-R-Us raincoat. is going crazy, however a review of log files indicates that customers are not seeing the high margin products when they are searching the site. 

It is decided to use the query completion server to help guide customers to pages with these more profitable products. A series of rules based on breed names is programmed into the Query Completion Server to accomplish this task. Toy breed names result in query phase suggestions such as the Paris Hilton Sweater page, the Mary J Blige Bling collars section and the Elton John Leash collection

Large breed names typed into the search box, result in the query completion server suggesting search terms that will lead customers to the Bruce Willis Walk Hard products and the Chuck Norris Black Belt Ninja collection. These simple additional functions, achieved using the search engine independent Query Completion Server increased average sales totals at checkout by 18.5%, and caused customers to return an average of two days earlier.