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Query Processing Solutions

Query processing is an important, yet much neglected aspect of search systems


Query processing enables the automated enhancement of user queries.

  • Most search users deploy relatively simplistic queries
  • Yet today’s leading search engines offer a rich set of query operators and functions

Great queries generally produce satisfying results. Query processing takes the user’s query, and depending on the application, the context, and other inputs, builds a better query automatically and submits the enhanced query to the search engine on the user’s behalf.


Query processing requirements are company and application-specific, and not well suited to off-the-shelf or plug-and-play solutions. At Search Technologies, we’ve implemented many query processing systems for customers. To ensure that these can be implemented and maintained efficiently, we’ve defined a Groovy-based language to enable the rapid deployment of sophisticated query processing systems.


Logical Separation from UI code:  In the absence of a purpose-made tool such as QPL, query processing code is often written within the user interface layer. This can be problematic. QPL separates code bases more logically, and the resulting simplicity reduces both development and maintenance effort.

Search Engine Independence: Independence makes switching to a new search engine easy, so organizations can invest in query processing with a long-term view.

QPL is Extensible: As standard, QPL provides a range of popular operators and functions. Where specific customizations are necessary, new functions can easily be defined in Groovy or Java.

QPL is flexible: It can access external information to help build queries, including databases, external files, system variables, synonym lists, or results from previous queries.

QPL is a complete scripting language:  This means that you can use if-tests, loops, and other programming techniques to build functional (rather than static) query processing rules that adapt to changing circumstances.


Query processing can make a large difference to search results quality and user satisfaction, but despite this, it is often ignored. 

QPL provides an environment, independent of both the search engine and the user interface, in which sophisticated query processing systems can easily be built and maintained.

For further details or an informal discussion of your query processing needs, contact us.