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Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Financial Services


In the financial services industry and other highly regulated sectors, legal and compliance teams are responsible for communications monitoring in order to meet a growing number of discovery requests and to quickly identify non-compliant occurrences within the organization’s activities.

Thomson Reuters’ 2015 Cost of Compliance survey showed that 70% financial services organizations expected the amount of regulatory information will be slightly or significantly more in the next 12 months. And 68% expected that their compliance budget will be slightly or significantly more in the same period.

With the rise of regulations and expenses related to compliance, financial services organizations can turn to search and analytics tools for more flexible and cost-effective regulatory compliance solutions.  



The technologies supporting search and big data analytics have evolved to provide BI solutions to many business challenges that previously could only be solved by costly one-size-fit-all packages.

Our custom-built regulatory compliance solution integrates archived electronic communications data and supports a search and monitoring workflow. With a full view of all data sources, your compliance team can:

  • Control costs
  • Operate more efficiently
  • Access to qualified, comprehensive data for non-compliance analysis and reporting
  • Be much less reliant on IT for daily tasks 



  • regulatory compliance solutionUser Interface for Search and Analytics: can be customized to your existing user interface, analytics, visualization, and branding requirements. 
  • Search Engine: we can leverage open source Solr, Elasticsearch, or other commecial search engines.
  • Content Processing: can be done with Cloudera, Logstash, Search Technologies’ Aspire, Pentaho CI, or other content processing technologies. 
  • Data Storage and Archiving: we can use the Hitachi Content Platform, NoSQL databases, file systems, SharePoint, or other storage and archiving platforms.

This delivers a holistic integration with your existing archive solution for a secure application that supports your compliance team’s monitoring and reporting workflow. 

Watch a case story on how the regulatory compliance solution worked for one of our financial services customers. 



The regulatory compliance solution helps financial services organizations view and analyze both structured and unstructured data, up to tens of petabytes. 

  • Quickly search over hundreds of millions of records from multiple internal and external data sources (structured and unstructured), including emails, instant messages, audio records, and data from other business applications.
  • Detect non-compliant activities with a search and analytics dashboard 
  • Custodian management – we provide a federated profile of all custodian identifiers
  • Perform flexible data exporting and analysis for compliance reporting
  • Flag non-complying patterns based on sophisticated search criteria and rules
  • Integrate with voice call preview
  • Provide reliable, compliant storage and hosting options: on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid



We can work with your team to conduct an on-site assessment of your current IT infrastructure and your business goals, so that you have a step-by-step roadmap for planning, implementing, and optimizing your compliance application.

With high uptime and security being essential in financial services, we bring 24x7 global support and enterprise-class SLAs to ensure high uptime and consistent system performance.


Contact us to learn more about how our regulatory compliance solution works for your requirements.