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RetrievalWare Services & Support

Search Technologies continues to provide hands-on support to many established RetrievalWare users across the globe - companies for who RetrievalWare remains a reliable work-horse. 

As RetrievalWare nears its end-of-life, we're helping companies to choose the best replacement strategy, including consideration of open source alternatives such as Solr and Elasticsearch, where appropriate.

We provide impartial, expert advice on replacing RetrievalWare. We'll work with you to find the most appropriate and cost effective migration path for your business. We've already helped a wide range of RetrievalWare customers move smoothly to a new search platform. 

For a number of customers, we've emulated and improved RetrievalWare's unique fuzzy search capabilities using Solr and other search engines, preserving this much-loved feature.

Our award winning Search Application Assessment Service has been used by dozens of RetrievalWare customers as a comprehensive blue-print for their upgrade to a modern search engine.


Contact us to discuss your requirements.